Two Faces, One Story

installation version
Double projection with sound

2009 K3, project space, Zurich, Kunsthalle Basel, DokumentART, Szczecin
2015 Coding and Identity, Kairo

With a travel stipend (iaab) I went to New York and Ho Chi Minh City
to conduct interviews with people born in the former enemy country.
I was interested in how their live is still marked by the war – 30 years
after the end of the it. For this installation I selected two of these interviews,
one with Peter Cheng and one with Greg Cleven.

Peter Cheng grew up in Saigon. At the age of 15 he escaped to the USA because of the war. Today, he runs a social center for immigrants from Vietnam in NYC. Greg Cleven came to Vietnam as a young soldier and was seriously injured. Today, he lives and works as an English teacher in Ho Chi Minh City.

For each protagonist and his story, there is one projection. Shots from the place of residence are mixed with interviews. The two projections can be shown side-by-side or facing each other. The sound of the interviews and the noises of the city are audible via speakers in the room.

Technical details:

22 minute loop
English with German subtitles
2 video projectors
2 speakers
1 synchronized two-channel video player

See extract of the installation in K3:

See pictures of the installation in K3: